Real Estate sector is one of the most Globally recognised sector gaining the recognition worldwide and it is directly contributing on the Nation's Economic development. The growth of this sector is well complemented by the growth of the Corporate environment. It is expected that Real Estate sector in India may reach a marked size of US $1 Trillion by 2030 from US $120 Billion in 2017 and this sector may itself contribute 13 percent of country's GDP by 2025. This sector has been divided into Four sub-sectors - Housing, Retail, Hospitality and Commercial.

Keeping all the points in mind, Sailsons Group has entered into Real Estate sector to assist and help customers in providing better Home, Commercial, Residential, Property Loans, etc. where customers will get a customised pricing for their realty needs and requirements.

Regardless of how much you earn, No one knows what the future holds. In the face of tragedy, the least one does for his family is to secure their financial future by buying a life insurance policy. We at SAILSONS assist our customers with the policy that will be best suited to them whether it is related to their health or life.

Sailsons Infratech


SAILSONS GROUP believes in improving and securing the lives of their customers and we are committed for that. Here all services starting from finding home which is best suited in our customers Budget to assisting in Loan process all will be provided at a single Window.


MISSION - The foundation of Every great company is laid by its Mission and Visions. Sailsons Group has started with a Mission to contribute and participate directly with Government's aim of "Housing for all". Our purpose is to Help on clients to achieve exceptional performance and Present with integrity and highest Quality Housing Solutions to Families by providing the best in customer service and being the best in the Industry.

Our Company's main vision is to retain the Trust of Customers by Providing a platform where customers will get better Homes, Offices and Commercial Space. Our vision include fulfilment of our commitments by delivering the services customers need is the the best possible way through our well qualified professional and committed management team. Our purpose is to look ahead to assets, evaluate and educate our clients on the impacts of potential opportunities and changes occurring in the market.



Sri Vayunandan Lord Hanuman is the Honorary Chairman and Guiding Force of SAILSONS GROUP.  He always executed Ideas that delivered positive results and being a best Management Guru ever so far in the history of human being. SAILSONS GROUP is totally following his Management skills and set of principles Laid by him like Setting a clear Goal in Business and Life,  making quick decision,  being alert through SWOT analysis of Business Environment and maintaining Trust and Loyalty and the entire Team of SAILSONS GROUP is desperately following his mantra of "WORK IS WORSHIP".



Mr. Jitendra Upadhyaya is an Alumni of IIM Lucknow and a first generation entrepreneur. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Sailsons Infratech, having a vast experience in the honourable field of Administration, Real Estate and Financial Services to Customers. His only aim is to strengthen a strong relationship with customers.


The team of Sailsons Group consists of Highly experienced and well trained professionals who check the due deligence of the projects before recommending the customers to invest in the property or project. We We are also providing a platform where seller and customers will both meet and find solutions to all their Realty needs by not only providing dream home but also we will assist our customers through Home Loan services at attractive interest rates with quick approval period.


The structure of our company is laid upon three major core values and these are: INTEGRITY: We always do what we say we do, we never want to take advantage of our clients and we always want to serve them with integrity. COMPASSION: We generally care the people that we serve and so we leave out that value of compassion. LEARNING: We are a learning organisation. We always try to learn by the best practices and we want to learn something new from every customer.